Outdoor Throw Pillow Story You Choose

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You Choose.
This listing is for 1 pillow cover to fit any size insert up to 26". Choose both your size & pattern before placing in cart.

1. Richloom Cotrell Garden
2. Terrasole Sunetter Chili Pepper
3. Richloom Kirkwood Cherry
4. Terrasol Sunsetter Orange
5. Mill Creek Bronwood Carnival
6. Richloom Forsythe Soleil
7. Richloom Fresca Fiesta
8. Richloom Forsythe Pool
9. Terrasol Spanish Tile Peacock

Fabric is a medium weight, 100% polyester, indoor/outdoor. Colors include shades of pink, orange, red, yellow, grey, turquoise, bright flamingo pink, coral red, citrine, peach and charcoal black linework on an ivory background.

Zippers are sewn in the bottom seam for easy access and you can use both sides of your pillow cover. Same fabric front & back. We also professionally finish all seams.

For a much better fit, we make our covers 1" smaller than the insert size (your 16" x 12" cover, made for a 16" x 12" pillow insert, will measure apx. 15" x 11").

If you are unsure about the color and texture, please order a fabric swatch.

Don't rush, measure carefully. Please read the listings description and review the Shop Policies prior to purchasing.

• This outdoor fabric is water resistant - NOT waterproof
• Fade resistant, will provide adequate wear in normal weather conditions
• Fabric items should be removed from exposure to direct sunlight and elements when not in use
• Even when using outdoor fabrics, the darker the color, the faster the fabric will fade
• Keep fabric clean - Remove dirt and other particles before they have a chance to sink in and mildew

Cleaning Instructions:
This fabric should be cleaned regularly. Brush off any loose dirt and wash with a mild soap and cold water solution. Rinse thouroughly to remove soap. Allow fabric to air dry.

**The use of bleach is not recommended**